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The First Half Year Report in 2010 of Thindo

The past 30th June 2010 represented short period of the first half year of 2010 has gone, so it requires summarizing, confession, for recalling the fact, joy occasions ,roguery and tangle matters,

What have been done in the first half year?

Product R&D、display、financial propagation、positioning and re-tidy the business model of Aiyaya;Beauty Business Starting Fight、Annual Promotion and developing chain franchise of Canbah、Advertising Photography in South Korea; the Positioning Strategy and VI Image update of Huamei Cosmetic & Surgery Clinic; Preparation works、test and enter the market of 9 o’clock Facial Wash Towel; Survey、positioning、deep and upgrade service like business model proposal for one sanitary towel brand.  The relationship is much better, the tightness of strategic alliance become much stronger. Communication and further communication with not less than 20 potential clients like Bawang、Chiaus、Chants、Matebest、Calton Hair Salon, making Thindo being honored and in a dilemma, how to bring out the best in each of clients’ scale and depth service, the service charge repeatedly break records among the market, known as luxury brand in the field. Thanks for the appreciation from client’s side, however there’s also pressure on the way to make sure client’s victory at the same time.  Announce and implementation sequentially on growth system、organizational structure and management regulation in Thindo, tough walking in balance under double track of profession and management to complete transformation to corporatisation. Talents keep coming to join, better and worse, coming and leaving along this period, after that the future pillars stay, and Thindo also not pay attention on sales but operating talents. How to train and chasten a future business partner become the most important work for Lao ZHANG, instead of profit and loss.    New office was finally confirmed its address at 703 Chuangzhan Plaza which situates at the opposite side of Guangzhou top business district Grand View Mall, there’re almost 1000 square meters and is under interior decoration now.  The style is very trendy、feminine、comfortable and simplicity, together with entertainment and live facilities like French pool table, café, for better working environment towards staff.  The old office at

Tianhe Streethas ended over its historic mission, thanks for the support! ……

Experience: Middle Level is the Most Important Part

Probably as Thindo arrives at certain scale, management and talent appear to be much more important than any time, and this was also implemented at the first haft year.  There were excellent talents join every months, and carries out the training system in every Thursday. 

Reading club and review meeting will be also executed afterwards.

Management of year 2010 is mainly on excellent service for the current period of Thindo, together with regulation as auxiliary.  Encourage R&D, intention、self-reflection and growth, regard potential of talent as important、value、cooperation conscious instead of professional knowledge.  

Overvalue and training middle level management is the main melody, as well as fresh graduates from excellent universities are welcomed to join Thindo, for together growth.

Encouragement is mainly driven by post and platform, not only driven by materials, but care about their future instead, truly focus on the interests of their future from heart, let excellent talents to grow with Thindo, share the future.

Lesson: Do not have blind faith of the past

Over superstition in professional background of many senior talents, supposed they would bring Thindo into new height by their work experience and excellent career, however the fact is not as what I proposed.  Cured thought and lazy attitude is not tolerated by working atmosphere at Thindo.  That was all because of Lao ZHANG’s personal superstitious belief which should be amended.  Insufficient scene of urgency towards many people and affairs, always adopt a long-term view, resulted into waste of time and money.  Cherished illusions all the time sometimes had woman’s soft nature.  Gave opportunities to others led to the lost of two sides.  Result: Positive Divide the Market into Three Parts Thindo accidentally became the most expensive marketing consultancy in China, and the charges will be much more higher, business model becomes more and more clear, the so called who wins the female market wins the world market appears its rudiment.  Each theory、case study、talent framework can be used in the second half of year, it will not be difficult to divide the market into three parts in China.  The direct competitors of Thindo are no longer locking with Ye MaoZhong, but also own side and two foreign consultancies of Mexico and the

U.S.A., they are enemies and companions in terms of profession and commercial side.  Thindo will  rely on the business mode of consulting investment to establish the strong foundation in 2010, and recombine and merger upstream and downstream of female consumption in the coming three years time, unify the female consumption market!  


To behave moderate, to act imminent, be smooth in mind attitude and move quickly; Talent comes the first priority, use 10% of a day-time to consider matters of talent and team; Contrive not depends on month, but on long-term strategy like three years time and five years time, as it is unlike seeing quick success and instant benefit;Principal and layout must be insisted, however some solution can be flexible and accommodated;Self-emotion can not be affected by others. 

Initial published by Thindo Investment, please acknowledge the source while reproduce:http://www.thindo.com 






























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